“Darker Than Leather” out May 24th

Knights Of The Realm, the revered heavy metal collective, rise once more with their upcoming release, ”Darker Than Leather,” under the esteemed Swedish label Playground Music.

Comprising the virtuosic talents of guitar hero Magnus ”MegaloMangan” Henriksson from Eclipse, drummer Lars ”The Hammer” Sköld of Tiamat, vocalist Marcus ”Mean Machine” von Boisman representing Tank, and the newest addition, bassist Mats ”Spellbinder” Rydström from Avatarium, Knights Of The Realm forge a formidable alliance poised to conquer the darkest realms of the metal kingdom.

Their music, a fusion of melodic heaviness reminiscent of the NWOBHM era, enriched with contemporary elements, resonates deeply with both traditional metal aficionados and a new generation of listeners. Following the success of their self-titled debut album in 2021, which garnered widespread acclaim and secured their position as rising stars in the industry, Knights Of The Realm has ascended to even greater heights.

The band’s journey has been marked by personal and collective challenges, providing fertile ground for introspection and artistic growth. Marcus von Boisman reflects on this evolution, noting, ”I believe the songs and lyrics are more honest and handle the difficulties and struggles we all have been through since the release of the debut.”

Indeed, their forthcoming album, ”Darker Than Leather,” delves deep into themes of adversity and resilience, with tracks such as ”Power Of Evil”, ”The Dark” and ”Hell Can Wait” offering a visceral exploration of the human experience.

Magnus Henriksson sheds light on the album’s genesis, revealing, ”Coming out of the pandemic was great, but then to handle life when things got back to ’normal’ was a bit harder for all of us! The good thing is that we could channel some of this into the new songs, which I believe has made them more powerful and dark.”

With the April 5th release of their lead single, ”Killer Machine,” Knights Of The Realm invite audiences to embark on a thrilling sonic odyssey, teeming with dark adventures and triumphant moments. Lars Sköld shares his anticipation: ”Writing and playing music has never been more fun, and I hope we can come out and perform as much as possible on this album.”

Welcoming Mats Rydström as a full-time member completes their lineup, adding a new dimension to their sound. Mats expresses his excitement: ”I’m glad I get to join in this exciting chapter of the band’s history! We always had such a good time performing, and I look forward to playing the new stuff for everyone out there!”

Prepare to be enthralled as Knights Of The Realm unleash their sonic onslaught, leaving listeners awestruck by their majestic power. From their epic live performances to their captivating videos, the band promises even more electrifying experiences to come, ensuring that their legacy continues to grow and evolve. ”Darker Than Leather”, released May 24th, is just the beginning of their next chapter, destined to cement their status as heavy metal legends.